At Destination Wellness, we’d kill for a sleek dancer bod - which is why we love barre! It can change your shape and make muscles neat and defined. Barre can improve coordination and posture, it also increases cardiovascular endurance and metabolism. 

Not only does barre build physical strength, it also builds enduring core mental stamina generated through repetition. As the strong feelings of giving up, having a melt down or leaving the class arise you have to dig deep and deal with them. When you've found the determination to overcome the challenges and the class is over, guess what - you survived and are stronger because of it! A new confidence builds and wellbeing starts to shine.


Amy Holly

Amy has worked in every aspect of dance as a dancer, choreographer, movement director and teacher for more than 20 years. As a movement specialist, she keeps the discipline and technique of ballet while approaching it as more than exercise, but a way of looking at life and yourself. 

Sophia Swannell

Sophia is a long-time dancer, performer and teacher. She started as a ballet teacher but has since developed her own class style, combining her love of dance and fitness. Sophia teaches a fun class, providing a warm environment to help students improve strength, posture, confidence and skills!

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