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Wellness Retreat from the 5th-10th January 2024

New Year, New Start

January is a natural new beginning with the start of a New Year and an opportunity to refresh our intentions for living beautiful, healthy, well balanced lives.


Join us at our Wellness Retreat where we offer a unique blend of relaxation, restoration and education. Learn to understand healthy living better whilst immersed in our luxurious retreat experience.

Enjoy classes in Ayurvedic practices, meditation, yoga, nutrition or cooking as well as healing, with therapeutic and relaxing treatments like massage, facials and restorative treatments.
Our retreats are designed to leave you feeling better than when you started, not exhausted like many traditional vacations tend to do.

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What's Included

  • 1 hour Ayurvedic consultation, taken place before the retreat to identify your needs, intentions and goals, helping you to arrived prepared.

  • Airport transfer from/to Airport (FAO)to our Exclusive Luxury resort and your chosen accommodation.

  • Three meals per day, plus snacks, cooked by our on-site holistic chef and supportive of unique doshas.

  • Daily  Instructor-led Yoga 

  • One 45-minute Ayurvedic service/treatment. Additional therapies are available

  • £100 Retreat Welcome Pack that includes: Ayurvedic Essential Tools, a skincare discovery kit, and a luxury journal & pen.

What to Expect


A typical Day at the retreat includes a combination of connection with our earth and nature, restorative work in the form of yoga, education on self exploration and growth, therapeutic massage, community eating and plenty of time for self reflection and rest.


Every component of the retreat is optional offering individuals the flexibility to choose the best course for their journey and customize the amount of rest and self reflection time they require.


Daily offerings include – Morning nature walk, Vinyasa yoga flow, beginner yoga, three ayurvedic based meals, snacks, self exploration and growth workshop, nutrition classes, restorative yoga, sound baths and body treatments.  Additional evening community activities are offered for those who choose to participate.

Each day will offer structured and unstructured time to allow attendees to choose which activities to participate in and customise the retreat to their unique interests and bespoke needs.  Each day will offer new options and include three meals, snacks, yoga classes at all levels, self awareness/resiliency Workshops, Ayurvedic nutrition workshops, therapy treatments and plenty of time to hike, connect with the environment and rest.

Learn about our transformative
Cacao Ceremony


Ayurvedic meals (defined by food prepared with ingredients to support imbalances in the individual doshas) are served during the retreat which helps in detoxifying and balancing the body for practices and can be customized to each person’s specific doshic needs (see more on doshas here). Besides nutritional value, we love to give a glimpse of the local food taste of the region we are residing in.


While the meals will not be strictly vegan or even vegetarian*, they will be prepared to support the retreat practices and are considered “Clean Eating”. The food is seasoned with mild spices, which are an important part of the Ayurvedic diet.

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*Any  preference for Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-free diets can comfortably be managed.

Self Care Rituals

An important part of the retreat will self-care rituals.  Aligned with Ayurvedic principals and practices, a set of daily rituals will be introduced and attendees are encouraged to try.  In addition, each attendee will have one complimentary massage or facial included in the retreat and can opt into additional treatments if they choose.

Attendees will gain the knowledge of self-care rituals and practices to easily incorporate them into their daily life back home.


Our Retreat is on an exclusive, restored village, nestled in the Fonte Ferrea mountains, our luxury five night intensive Ayurvedic wellness retreat will start, solidify or extend your personal practices in living a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle.  The Retreat has a range of different styles of first class accommodation all designed to match your personal needs

Choose your style of accommodation - Click to secure your place (Prices start from £1150pp)

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