We at Destination Wellness UNDERSTAND the importance of mindfulness and also UNDERSTAND how difficult it is to do as a practice. Our harried lives are full of anxiety, distraction, worry and a sense of being overwhelmed on a daily basis. Mindfulness is a practice that allows us to step away from that worry, focus on what is truly important and develop an intention for the day to carry us forward.

For most, mindfulness is something that needs to start slow and easy and be eased into. It’s frightening to be alone with your thoughts and let your mind empty out. It’s uncomfortable but it works. 

To start, find a meditation podcast, app or there are many options available, many are free. Start with a 5-10 minute meditation to do daily for the first week. See how it goes, see how you feel. Do this meditation as your first activity of the day, while you are having a hot drink to start the day. I even frequently do mine with a pup cuddled on my lap. Don’t be pressured about it, just relax, sit back and set your intention for the day.

At night, choose a one-hour sleep guided meditation to fall asleep to. See what you think, try it for one week and look back to see if you feel any different. Start slow, start easy and we can look at building more in the future.

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