5 Reasons Why You Should Add Meology™ Kids to Your Kids’ Routine

There’s a new nutrition plan on the block, and it’s specifically made for kids ages 4 and up. It’s Meology Kids, our new gummy supplement plan designed to deliver all-in-one superior kids’ nutrition to keep them growing strong.* And just like Meology™, this superior nutrition comes in one-a-day packs that kids can take anywhere. But these aren’t your average gummy vitamins. Here are five reasons why you should add Meology Kids to your kids’ routine today.

They help fill nutrition gaps. Did you know that up to 90% of kids don’t get enough of what they need from diet alone? That’s where Meology Kids comes in, delivering 100% DV of 8 core nutrients and 11 essential vitamins and minerals.

They’re formulated to support your kids’ growth and development. These once-daily gummies contain vitamins and minerals that are critical for growing bodies. The nutrition in Meology Kids helps support healthy brain development, healthy eye function, and also provides immune support.

They supersede other popular brands.With 100% DV of 8 core nutrients,11 essential vitamins and minerals, and 300 mg DHA & EPA, Meology Kids provides a nutritional value that supersedes other popular brands all in one daily pack. And with only 3 g of sugar (which is equivalent to 3 strawberries), Meology Kids contains 1/3 less sugar compared to other popular brands.

They’re perfect for picky eaters. If your kids are picky eaters, you know you have to pick your battles. Thankfully, Meology Kids gummies come in 3 delicious flavors (Cheery Cherry, Very Berry, and Strawberry Lemonade) that they won’t be able to get enough of.

All fun. No fuss. Meology Kids comes in convenient, one-a-day packs that you can customize to have your kid’s name, their favorite icon, and a fun fact on each pack. Daily packs take out the guesswork AND everyone can have their own!

With Meology Kids, 100% yummy = 100% nourished. Help your kids grow well in the most fun way possible.

Shaklee is proud to partner with Vitamin Angels to help bring life-changing nutritional support to underserved children. Every Meology Kids box purchased provides a donation to Vitamin Angels and helps support the health of a child in need. Vitamin Angels focuses on the reduction of preventable morbidity, (including blindness), and mortality associated with micronutrient deficiencies among children under five years of age. Your Meology Kids purchase makes a difference for your child’s health and for every child’s health through this partnership!

Kelly Gosse

Wellness Coach

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