Accountability for yourself

Holding yourself accountable is important and a struggle for many of us. We all make those commitments to ourselves that we are going to work out whether it is running, a exercise class, going to the gym or just even taking those daily walks. Believe me, I completely understand not keeping that commitment, I can talk myself out of exercising and I provide awesome justifications.

Today as I was getting ready to go on my run, I was talking with Brenda, telling her is was 1 °C (33 °F, sounds colder in °C) and that I wasn't looking forward to it. Brenda said you'll be glad you did and my boyfriend texted that it would only be cold for first few minutes. Both of them were correct, it wasn't so cold once I got started and I absolutely was so happy with myself for getting out there.

This lead me to think about holding myself accountable to my goals I set for myself. When we started DW, I committed to be the lead and to blog about running, meaning which I be held accountable. I made a commitment to not only myself but to Brenda and DW, and to be honest that gets me out the door some days. Once I'm out the door and going, I'm good to go and by the end feeling so good physically and mentally.

DW will be starting paid subscriptions next week, part of the paid subscriptions will include helping with your fitness goals. We will be that someone to help you be accountable and motivated, help you with keeping your goals. Now we can't come to your house and physically push you out the door but we can be that reminder you need and be the outside voice (vs inside your head) pushing and supporting you.

We look forward to working to help you become a better you. Until next run, stay motivated to your goals!


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