Amy's Barre Class

I just completed Amy's virtual barre class, I'm hooked. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Barre is full body workout and Amy absolutely gave us all a great complete body workout. I may not be able to raise my arms tomorrow but still still worth it

Barre is a great complement for my running. Barre is the perfect way to tone muscles, have better flexibility, more endurance and greater running performances. Plus, a barre workout relieves stress with low-impact reps that work.

I used to take barre classes when I lived in NYC, haven't had success (or tried too hard) in finding a studio in Malmö. I'm super excited to have Amy join DW and offer virtual classes. I wondered if not being in a studio without an actual bar would be an issue and of course it's not. We used a chair for a few exercises which worked great. I'm definitely hooked and highly recommend taking one of her classes.


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