Baked Protein Oats

I made this for breakfast this morning, (Saturday December 12, 2020) - sorry no video too early to get dolled up for a video on a Saturday, took a couple of pictures though. I thought this would be a great replacement for oatmeal or yogurt with granola, and I was right, it was delicious. A couple of things to point out to help you make them better. First, use a large pan, preferably a large casserole dish so it is somewhat thin. I used a meduim size pan which made them a bit thick and I think they would be better thinner. Second, use more fruit than stated in the recipe. I used frozen fruit (berries) and frozen banana as I did not have a fresh banana, worked just as well. I would add more fruit to give it more of a sweet taste. My boyfriend suggested adding dates which I would chop up to add to the mix.

Another note, I used a replacement for the vanilla protien as I did not have any and did not want to purchse just for one recipe. I used gluten free flour, used same amount, 1/4 cup and some vanilla extract, about 1/4 teaspoon.

With the leftovers, the bars are great for a snack during the day, but also an EXCELLENT post-workout treat without guilt (hate the guilt on the side). Enjoy with some yogurt, cottage cheese and a handful of fresh berries.

Definitely worth making and having around as a healthy snack during the holidays!

All of our recipes are located on Destination Wellness UK on Pinterest.


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