Bamboo Cloths

A far cry from rough, scratch flannels, this naturally antibacterial face cloth is so soft on the skin, you’ll look forward to using it every day. Made from a mix of sustainable bamboo and cotton fibres to ensure it’s as kind to the environment as it is your complexion, choose from white or slate. The latter is ideal if you’re a fan of the Clean Slate products and you don’t want the grey cleanser messing up your whites! Our Bamboo Cloth in Slate has the same super-soft texture and natural antibacterial properties as the standard Bamboo Cloth, but the slate colour is ideal for using with Clear Slate. Why? So that you don’t see any of the grey cleanser on the white cloth.

These bamboo clothes help to remove every last bit of cleanser or mask from your skin, the face cloth naturally buffs away dead skin cells but also softens skin and helps loosen impurities when you heat it up with warm water and hold it over your face thanks to the steaming action.

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