Become Your Best Self

I have read this quote so many times throughout my life however I don’t think I really grasped it’s meaning for years. So many of us live our lives as others expect us to, especially when we are young.

Our identities are so important to us. Identities are abstract concepts which we use to define each other. So much of our identities are what we think people perceive us to be. We want others to like us, approve of us, especially our family which leads us to become who we think we are expected to be, not what we want to be.

Many of us let life happen to us versus defining our lives. I admit I did this in my twenties then decided I wanted to change. Have you ever tried ‘letting go’ of a part of yourself or your past? Have you ever ‘started over’? Well, I have done both, more than once and believe me it was not easy but so worth it.

What does that really mean, ‘redefine yourself’? To me it means a new start, resetting parts of your life, going after your dreams. Now this does not mean I made changes in my life without regard to others or doing something extra crazy, although it could.

When I was in my early twenties, I moved to Dallas all by myself from the small town I grew up in in Louisiana. I did the same thing in my forties to the UK after my divorce. One of these moves was more successful than the other. The unsuccessful one then led me to Sweden a year later which where I live now so a failure brought me success later and taught me valuable lessons. When folks say you learn from your failures, they are correct, although it is very hard to see that when you are in the middle of it.

Staying on a path you have chosen is sometimes lonely too, you have to really want it because it is easy to give up. You will second guess yourself and what you are doing. It is important to surround yourself with a good support circle and to not broadcast your intentions, concentrate on your goals not what others think about your goals. Remember the quote, ‘surprise everyone’!

When you do make the changes, reach your goals and become a new you, all of the work is worth it. Moving forward with your life and your dreams is the ultimate goal! You are happier and a better person so don’t sit still and wait for life to come to you. Once you reach one goal, the next ones seem easier and mainly because you believe in yourself!



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