Beet Carrot Orange Immune Booster Juice

This immune booster beet, carrot & orange juice is not only great for boosting your immunity but also for detoxifying your liver and helping your body stay healthy!

If you are sceptical about beets, don’t be! I love beets but understand many folks do not, fair enough. Give it a try, you just might love it! The combination of carrots, oranges and beet is amazing! Sweetness from carrots, citrusy flavor from oranges and earthy-sweetness from beet!


  • 2 Beets

  • 2 Oranges

  • 2-5 Carrots

  • ¼ inch ginger


1. You’ll need a juice for this recipe, or a blender. Cut up beet(s) into smaller pieces, peel the carrots, oranges and ginger.

2. Press all pieces thru the juicer. I usually add the piece of ginger to a piece of orange so it is ground up in the juice.

Ready to serve, enjoy!



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