Believe in what you deserve

The past two weeks, I wrote about loving yourself and benefits from this. Loving oneself has so many benefits not only for yourself but also others around you. Another part of loving yourself is believing and acknowledging that you are good enough and acknowledging what you deserve.

So many of us will accept less or think we do not deserve things – and this is wrong. You should always believe that you do deserve things, things that you want and take the steps to get them. Do not wait for others to ‘give you’ what they feel is right for you. Not everyone has your best interest or even really know what you want. Remember, people see what you project and what they want to see in you.

This leads to the saying ‘You attract what you are, not what you want, if you want great then be great’. Now this is easy enough, right? Well, probably not. The first step to achieving this is to break your old habits. Take a look how your project yourself and your daily routine for your personal life and work. If you really want a new position at work, take a step back, look at your habits and engagements, what can you do differently to make an effective change to take you to the next step to your goal.

You should do this with everything in your life. I recently made changes to my morning routine which has really helped with my mental health and sets the day in a more positive mode for me. I have more energy with a positive attitude to do more of the things I want to do for myself which in turn changes my projection to others.

Make those changes you have been thinking about, take that first step, even it if is a baby step, every step counts. Once you take that first step, map out the rest of the steps, figure out how to reach that goal – do not sit around and wait for the world to give you what you they think you deserve, show them what you actually deserve and make the changes to get it.

Not every goal has to be life changing, start with a small goal or change you have been thinking about. Start with what is important for your mental health then keep making more of those changes, go after what you know you deserve!


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