Benefits of Barre

Destination Wellness has partnered with Swannell Barre, offering five Barre classes every week.

Barre fitness is a super-energizing, whole-body workout that’s great for everyone, from beginners to pros. Each class works to build alignment, strengthen your core, and tone and elongate muscles. Think of it as offering all the body benefits of a ballet dancer—without attempting a pirouette.

There are many benefits of Barre, here are just a few.

1. Improves posture

2. Strengthens glutes

3. Tones stomach muscles

4. Increases flexibility

5. Reduces stress

6. Better mental focus

7. Increases overall strength

8. Improves endurance

There are so many more benefits, so be sure to sign up for one of classes!

Swannell Barre classes are on our schedule. Sophia’s classes are a great introduction to Barre if you have not ever taken a barre class and also great if you have, you’ll jump right in!

Check out our wellness schedule, in addition to Barre, we also have yoga and pilates. Remember, your first class is on Destination Wellness.

See you in class!

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