Beyond Orange Juice

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Fresh orange juice is so delicious and probably the most common juice we all enjoy. Change up your OJ by adding other juices or herbs.

I love grapefruit juice and love to mix it with OJ for a bit of a boost. OJ is more on the sweet site, while grapefruit juice is more on the bitter side, mixing the two creates a delicious bittersweet taste that you’ll love. Try adding your favorite juice to OJ or mixing a couple of your favorite juices together.

Adding herbs adds an enjoyable taste to OJ. Be sure to add fresh herbs, add in with the oranges as you are juicing.

- Basil

- Mint

- Basil

- Rosemary

- Lemongrass

- Lavender

- Oregano

- Parsley

- Thyme

Don’t be afraid to be creative with your orange juice, experiment with adding other juices and herbs to your OJ!

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