Brenda's Birthday

Today is our founder’s birthday, the amazing Brenda Koesterman! Brenda conceived the idea of DW from her own personal goals in life, living a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. Unlike most people who do not take the steps to make their dream come true, Brenda is type of gal who pursues her dreams and is always successful, and we all have Destination Wellness now.

In addition to DW, Brenda is also a fantastic mother of three – Madison, Mathew and Audrey - and mom to 3 pups - Sugi, Eloise and Gigi. She has an abundance of friends around the world as well as a successful career in the security industry. Brenda loves to travel, cooking, remodel, yoga, helping others, and many many more interests.

We at DW are thrilled to be part of this journey with her along with all of you who have joined this journey with us. Join us in wishing Brenda a well-deserved marvelous birthday!

Stephanie, Kate, Daniela, Kelly, Armelle

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