Celebrate your accomplishments

Most of us do not like to ‘toot’ our own horns, especially us women, but we should. We like to praise others so why not ourselves. We all work hard for our family, work, friends as well as ourselves. We overlook our successes, big or small, and it is so important to celebrate all of our accomplishes.

We tend to focus so much on the ‘daily hustle’ and on our struggles to keep our sanity in a tough economic climate, that we actually forget to celebrate the successes that we, ourselves, have accomplished. However, celebrating the small wins is actually a very powerful motivating factor and sharing our stories of overcoming and achievement really inspires those around us to climb their own mountains and reach their own goals.

Recognising reinforces the meaning behind all that hard work and acknowledge your achievements. This, in turn, boosts our self-esteem and it motivates us to take the next step towards achieving the next goal. Do not disregard the small accomplishments such as getting up at 6am 3 days this week to work out – this is a big deal! Or eating healthier for lunch, another big deal!

Think about where you were this time last year, how far you have come. Some of your goals may have changed however you achieved new goals and are still working on more. Focus on what you did, not what you did not do.

Just say it. A straightforward, face-to-face "well done" is a simple but effective way to celebrate achievement. So look at yourself in the mirror and say it!



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