Celebrating New Beginnings in so many ways!!

Today is New Years Day 2021!! I love New Years, that week between Christmas and the New Year that I always take a break, deep clean and plan for my next year.

This year is so exciting as Destination Wellness is FULL STEAM ahead and offers so much for us to focus on here. 2020 was a year of significant growth in such surprising ways. I personally started the year with a clear focus to recover and move on from a really difficult relationship that ended in 2019. I was off to a great start, spending January in my home city, snow-shoeing with Kate in the Swiss Alps in February and a FAB birthday weekend with another friend in London early March.

Then COVID came into play. Uncertainty, anxiety, self-reflection, fear.... all were prevalent in my year and presented some real struggles along with opportunity to really grow. While periods of time were difficult, I also learned so much about myself, connected and reconnected with people that I discovered love me at a level I had not previously acknowledged and quite possibly, most importantly, Destination Wellness was born and our team of collaborators works beautifully together. For anyone who is now already part of or community, THANK YOU! And for anyone new to join in the coming future, I can't wait to meet you!!

So it's that time again to finish the reflection and plan for a New Year. I've sorted my initial plans for gardening, new plots and am ready to try some new beginnings in food and fitness. I'll be attending the Yoga Beginner course, starting 27 January, and as a long time yoga student a refresher to reset and get back to basics is so welcome! In January we have four global cuisines that we are trying and what's for dinner will debut a different one each week.

My personal journey with therapy, meditation, and healing still continues and incorporating this into my journey with healthy eating and fitness is an exciting plan for me this year.

I am not naïve enough to think we don't have some real obstacles to overcome globally still with the pandemic, however I am ready for it, we have this beautiful community and I am so thankful for all of it. We are truly blessed here at Destination Wellness.

Looking forward to a phenomenal year with all of you Xx

~ Brenda

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