Did you know that Bone Broths had Healing Capabilities?

Sipping hot spiced tea or hot cocoa is the classic cold winter evening treat. But have you ever tried sipping bone broth? It packs a nutritional punch in just 1 cup and is low in calories too. Here are my reasons why you should try it and all the ways you can consume it.

Health Benefits of Bone Broth

A great source of collagen

  • Collagen is a key building block for the cells in our joints, skin, GI tract, and all of our connective tissue. A decrease in our body’s collagen has been linked to the aging process.

Boost of protein

  • Collagen turns into gelatin when it’s cooked, which provides a great source of amino acids (the building blocks of protein). Gelatin is the substance that gives your bone broth a slight gelatinous texture when refrigerated. But don’t worry, this goes away when it is warm.

  • Bonus win: Specific amino acids in bone broth have been linked to reducing inflammation, supporting a healthy gut, and our body’s production of collagen.


  • Bone broth can be an extra source of vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. If the bones used for the broth contain a portion of bone marrow, the broth will also have iron and some trace minerals—zinc, manganese, and selenium. Since the exact recipe varies in the type of bone, source of bone, and cooking time, the amount of each micronutrient will vary as well.

How to Consume Bone Broth

Use it to hydrate foods.

  • Bone broth is delicious to rehydrate your pastas, rices, quinoas, and grains. Swap your water for bone broth at a 1:1 ratio. If you added salt to your broth, be sure that you aren’t adding too much additional salt to your grain recipes.

Add it to soups.

  • Use it just like any type of stock. Bone broth is a fantastic and nutritious base to any soup or stew. For any recipe that calls for “stock,” use bone broth instead.

Incorporate it in sauces.

  • Using a concentrated bone broth is especially delicious as your base for a sauce. A great example is to use bone broth instead of chicken stock in a velouté.

Sip it on its own.

  • It’s simple; just drink it warm and enjoy.

Whether you sip bone broth on its own or use it in your cooking, be sure that you do try it. It’s an easy and economical recipe to boost your nutrition on a cold winter’s day. Stay warm and healthy all.

In good health,


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