DW Team

Destination Wellness is a global community with contributors around the world. We want to introduce you to our current team of contributors.

Brenda Koesterman is the founding principal, the one who came up with the fantastic idea of Destination Wellness. Brenda has a lifelong drive to be part of an inclusive community that enjoys a healthy, balanced, emotionally fulfilled life which culminated the idea and creation of Destination Wellness. Brenda shares this idea with such passion, it's no wonder this team has joined her on this journey for Destination Wellness and it continues to grow.

Find out more about the whole DW team, https://www.destinationwellness.uk/about-the-team . The two most recent to join DW are Amy Holly and Kate Netinho, just in the last week.

At Destination Wellness, we feel it is important to continue to grow our global community, we would love for you to share your experiences and we are always looking for more contributors, even guests, so don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Brenda and Stephanie

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