DW Weekly Schedule

At Destination Wellness, we are posting every day on our blog on many topics. We have created a weekly schedule for posts, here is a run down of what is currently on our weekly post schedule.

  • Sunday Serenity Series

  • Mindfulness Monday

  • Healthy Tuesday

  • Wellness Wednesday

  • Thirsty Thursday

  • Friday Food, What's for Dinner

Sunday Serenity Series

Serenity Series is all about self-care for yourself and your family. DW hosts pampering, wonderful Sunday meals and Sunday slowdown Flow yoga classes. Join us for all or part of our Sunday event.

Mindfulness Monday

Mindfulness is something we try to do every day. We always post on Mindfulness every Monday to help you get starting for your week.

Healthy Tuesday

Staying healthy is so important. Kelly will share insightful information on Shaklee supplements every Tuesday.

Wellness Wednesday

Wednesday is all about wellness with vegan meals. Brenda makes this part of her weekly menu; she will share of her Wednesday vegan meal.

Thirsty Thursday

We love our juices and smoothies. Every Thursday, Stephanie shares a new juice or smoothie with us, always delicious and quench your thirst.

Friday Food, What's for Dinner

Every Friday, Brenda publishes her weekly menu for the following week. This is her actual weekly menu of recipes she makes for her family, and yes, it is a list of healthy recipes. The list includes every recipe along with a grocery list to make your life easier.

In addition to these weekly scheduled posts, we also post regularly on other topics:

  • Videos of cooking our published recipes

  • Wellness activities that include yoga, running and barre

  • Destinations tips and trips from our travel expert Armelle

  • Skincare is so important; Brenda shares insightful knowledge on Tropic

  • DIY, showing you how to ‘do it yourself’

  • Plus, bonus posts around wellness

Be sure to check out our daily Blog posts, https://www.destinationwellness.uk/blog, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Additionally, we are constantly expanding our offering, so be sure to subscribe to Destination Wellness and follow us.

Destination Wellness Team

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