Embrace the glorious mess you are

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

We have all heard this phrase before and am sure you have been told that at least once in your life, ‘you are a mess’. This usually is negative, meaning you don’t have your act together. Well, I am here to tell you that we are all a mess and we need to embrace it.

How much time do we spend trying to fix our mess of a self. Trying to make our mess look better, more acceptable. Trying to defend our mess. It is exhausting!

Now the mess can be physical and/or mental. For example, I work from home and live alone, the days I don’t go anywhere, I don’t even brush my hair, many may think that is a mess but so what, I don't. Then we all have anxiety and overthink things, way too much and usually for no real reason other than what we have made up in our head. This is mental messiness that we create and put on ourselves.

Then we spend time defending why we are a mess. We list everything that we are doing and why it is too much for us to handle. Since living in Europe, I have figured out that ‘being busy’ and telling everyone about it has become the norm in the US, many wear it like a badge of honor. Now this does not mean that you aren’t busy but why do you have to tell everyone, all the time.

Even if you are a mess, so what. And there are so many times that it is the perception of others that think you are a mess, again, so what. This is their perception, not your reality. We all have time when we wish we were more organized, had more time and could control our anxiety, we are only human.

I’m a mess, you’re a mess but it is all a glorious mess. It’s a mess that is you. No one lese is made up of your mess and that’s kind of beautiful when you think about it. One thing to not stress about it ‘being a mess’. We will all have our good and bad days, good/bad situation and some just off times. Embrace the mess, don’t announce it to everyone and remember, your ‘mess’ just might be your normal – embrace it!

Embrace the gloriously mess you are!


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