Embrace Your Uniqueness

Ever feel like you are too old, not smart enough, or not experienced enough to change the world? Guess what? That’s not true! To solve big problems and make a big impact, you don’t have to an expert, the best or the smartest or even younger.

We have all felt this way and still do. Interesting enough, when you take a closer look at situations when you feel this way, it is usually on us for feeling this way, not others making us feel this way. There are so many reasons why we feel this way, many unjustified but all real if we feel this way. I am not going to go down the road of why as we are all different and feel not enough for different reasons.

However, I will provide some hopefully helpful tips for when you feel this way:

1. Stop comparing and competing

2. Recall your past achievements

3. Deactivate the over thinking mode

4. Drop the negativity

5. Choose the right person to share your lows

6. Stop fulfilling the undue expectations of people

7. Stop criticizing life and start appreciating it

These are just a few, select a couple to start with and others that may work better for you. Sometimes your unique perspective can result in unconventional thinking that can move the needle, but you need to be bold enough to try. It can be difficult be unique which is quite odd since we all are so different. We should embrace our uniqueness, feel we are the best, living our best lives and improving ourselves, for ourselves every day. Your only real competition is you from yesterday.

Stay true to yourself,


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