Enjoy the Journey and consider the progress...

I've had the fortune of discovering yoga more than 15 years ago. At first it was a funny thing that I used as almost a rehab from my daily competitive practice. Cycling, running, swimming and lifting.

I would practice, for short stints, only to deal with a specific challenge or problem typically a result of over-working a certain area or group of muscles.

In 2012, in an attempt to find a more gentle fitness regime (I was 38 years old at this point and recovering from the birth of my 3rd child), I joined a local studio. Once or twice a week I would attend a Hot Yoga class, finding calm and security in the regimented and structured, consistent practice.

After a couple difficult years enduring divorce, moves and difficulty in several areas of life, I lost my cadence for the practice and just stopped... 2017-2019 were years of extreme emotional trauma and difficulty for a lot of reasons and the heartache took it's toll. I ended that year in a significant depression and found myself searching for a usefulness in life that I didn't feel like I had. I decided, for reasons I still do not know, to devote myself to a consistent practice both in yoga and mindfulness.

My intention, in January 2020 was to become certified as an instructor. I signed up for unlimited access to classes and decided I would attend as many as possible for 3 months to determine what styles I preferred. As we all know, March 2020 brought a lockdown and the next 4 months were spent in a serious lockdown. This forced my practice to a virtual platform, and I thought "oh! I'll practice 2-3 hours a day and really improve!"

Well... the joke was on me!! It did not go that well at all. What I didn't understand is that Yoga is a journey, a personal spiritual journey with so many trip-ups along the way. My past experience affiliated with fitness of any sort was set a schedule, train daily and see consistent marked progress.

I have days in Yoga where my balance is so off I cannot hold a single pose. I have other days where everything feels perfect. Sometimes I can achieve that perfect eagle and other days I can barely fold my leg over my knee let alone wrap it around my calf!! I still struggle with crow, am not confident in a headstand and can barely hold a shoulder stand most days.

But.... none of this is important. What is important is that I show up, that I open my heart to the experience and most importantly that I can look back and realise that my practice today... is so much different than my practice 11 months ago.

I walk away from class every time feeling centered, confident, relaxed and fulfilled. This is the journey... and it's worth it. It doesn't matter IF I ever do that headstand. It's about what I can bring to the mat, every time I arrive at it, and the richness of my life because I am finding the calm in the practice.

Join us in connecting your soul to the earth and finding your calm and fulfillment...


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