Finding Your Motivation - New Beginnings

I have not been writing about my running as much as I have in the past. I have been running but not quite as often as the weather has not been kind to me, been really cold or raining. I do love getting out and about for my run however I am a fair-weather runner even though I will get out some days when it is past my limit. However, I have been doing other workouts, barre and spinning. I completed on-demand spin classes on Sunday and today. Yesterday, I did our own Amy Holly’s barre class, I highly recommend this class,

I have a spin bike at my place, it is in my second bedroom/office so I see it every day. You would think that seeing it every day would be motivation for me to spin more, it does not. The bike is not magic, it does not speak to me or send special vibes to me, if only. The motivation has to come from within, yes, that crap again about you having to do the work.

Everyone’s motivation comes from different places. Some folks like to have a workout buddy, keeps them accountable. Other motivations are setting goals for yourself, staying healthy – physically and mentally, being able to comfortably fit into your favorite jeans, being able to eat or have that glass of wine without guilt (one of my top ones), etc. There are so many reasons to motivate you.

Find your motivation, make a plan that works for you and hold yourself accountable. Will it be hard, yes! Will it be worth it, absolutely! Only you can do the work and reap from the benefits!

Stay motivated and fit my friends,


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