First running day

November 10, 2020

I ran for the first time on Monday, November 9, in over 2 years. I stopped due to a knee injury and got out of the habit of running. I decided I wanted to start again as I had done my therapy exercises and felt I could start again as long as I am careful and pay attention to my body.

I know I am going to start slowly, more jogging and walking than actually running. I’m happy with my first run, feel good after and with my results. I ran almost 1 km then decided to walk about 1 minute then ran, then back and forth. I paid attention to my knee and my breathing as I do have slight asthma as I don’t want more injuries or unneeded pain.

I completed 3.76 km in 43 minutes, definitely not going to win any awards for this run except a big pat on my own back for getting out today and start my new exercise program.

I’ll post more later this week, keep you all posted.

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