Full Super Pink Moon

The April 2021 Full Super Pink Moon is today and all about Resilience. Sometimes full moons can lead to revelations about yourself and your life. Sometimes they present you with opportunities that you may or may not take, and sometimes, they even leave you with gifts and rewards.

DW hosted virtual full moon yoga with Katie Moran yesterday which was so lovely. Katie presented us with questions and perspectives for us to reflect upon ourselves. This allows you to reflect upon yourself, something that many of do on a normal basis, especially before the pandemic.

Most of us go about our lives without much reflection inside ourselves. We like to keep busy, doing as much as we can to make ourselves appear and feel fulfilled – we are understanding now that this is not what fulfils us. The pandemic has made us all slow down, take stock in our lives and into what is really meaningful and important.

Full moons have a tendency to shine a light on something you may not have realized before. There's a side of you that no one else knows about; sometimes, not even you fully understand this side of yourself. This deeply personal layer of who you are can run counter to the image you've constructed for yourself on a material level. In other words, you don't always have the whole story.

During this full pink moon, take this time to be still and reflect, challenge the way you see things, change your perspective and provide yourself with another aspect of your story. The full pink moon will surround you with energy, forcing you to take action or embrace the fact that change is coming.


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