Gingerbread Waffles - Cooking with friends

There's nothing better than waffles for breakfast which means there's nothing better for Christmas morning, or any day of the year, than gingerbread waffles.

Brenda has such fun cooking these waffles with her friends, Erick & Jess Polorny, from Seattle, WA. This video is so fun, you'll want to make these with your family to have on your breakfast table Christmas morning or video cook with other friends and family.

Thanks so much Erick and Jess for joing Destination Wellness and Brenda for Cooking with Friends!

All of our recipes are located on Destination Wellness UK on Pinterest.

To make this recipe healthy, replace the following - Brenda explains in the video.

- All-purpose flour with gluten free flour

- Butter with ghee

- Milk with plant-based mile such as oat milk

- Greek yogurt with plant-based yogurt

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