Green Smoothie

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Replace your typical breakfast with a healthy delicious smoothie. When I went to an office, I would make a to-go smoothie, my colleagues would always make comments and ask what was in my smoothie today and impressed with me being healthy in the morning. A typical Swedish breakfast is usually a roll with butter, cheese and some veggies like bell pepper and gurka (cucumber - I don't know lots of Swedish after being here for 5 years but I love the Swedish name for cucumber, spoken like it sounds).

I like to mix up by breakfast and during the week something easy. Today I made somewhat of a green smoothie, recipe below. You can mix whatever you like to create your own favorite smoothie, that is what I usually do. Don't be afraid to mix fruits and vegetables.

A trick I use is to freeze fruits and vegetables, one reason is because some go bad to fast. Other reasons are to make your smoothie cold and creamy as well as some fruits like bananas become tastier. I usually freeze bananas, grapes - my dad froze grapes when I was a kid in the summer as a treat, cauliflower as well as others that are going to go bad.

Green Smoothie

1 frozen banana

handful of frozen green grapes

1 apple of your choice

1 avocado

2 celery stalks

small piece of ginger

spoonful of yogurt, I prefer Greek

plant based milk, my preference is oat

You can chop you like before putting into blender, add ice if none of your fruits/vegetables are frozen. Mix until smooth then enjoy!


All of our recipes are located on Destination Wellness UK on Pinterest.

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