How to Love Yourself

Last I wrote about the importance of self-love and the benefits from it. Loving oneself is something many of us have not mastered. We can say we love ourselves however the most important part of self-love is being honest with oneself. Being honest with oneself can be difficult as you have to own up to who you really are and maybe even have to make changes in your life.

I would like to provide some tips to help with your journey of self-love. Now not all of these may be part of your journey however many may be insightful and helpful you.

1. Have fun by yourself. Find things you enjoy and try them by yourself. This could include walks/runs, shopping, going to the movies – try those things you enjoy with others by yourself.

2. Forgive yourself for mistakes. We have all made them, have regrets and overthink them way too much – stop it. We like to beat ourselves up about these mistakes – try your best to forgive and forget. Take the positive part of the mistake, learn from it and move on.

3. Surprise yourself. Yes, surprise yourself! I know it sounds odd, saying yes to something you normally would never say yes to. Try something new or that thing you have always wanted to do but have prohibited yourself from doing.

4. Start a journal. There are so many suggestions on starting a journal and for so many reasons. I recently started one and really enjoy it. I do not write every day, sometimes I go days without writing then I am inspired to write some thoughts which really helps on those days I am feeling down. This may be one of those surprise things you do.

5. Make a list of accomplishments. This can be part of your journal. On those days you are feeling down or not so thrilled with yourself, write down the things you have accomplished in your life. Also write down the things you are happy about in your life – you will find that you have more be happy about in your life than you thought.

6. Challenge yourself. We should never stop learning, reaching for new adventures. Not only should you pursue things you have always wanted to try, go beyond that. Find new adventures and things you never thought you would do.

7. Give yourself a break. Many of us are still busy every day during this pandemic, never a moment to ourselves. Take time for yourself every day, even is that is only 15 minutes with a cup of tea. Rest your mind, not everything you have to accomplish and take care of.

8. Give yourself credit where credit is due. We forget how much we do every day and not for ourselves. Reflect on how much you do every day, all those little things add up – and you did them all.

9. Work on self-trust. A great way to show self-love is to trust yourself and your own instincts. You are most likely going to know what is best for you, listen to your gut, follow and trust yourself. If you are unsure, remember that if you question something, it just may not be right for you – it is ok to say no.

10. Take care of yourself. Now this seems obvious but how often do you do this. Self-care can come in many forms. It can be getting up earlier than the rest of the family to have some alone time to get your day started, taking a bubble bath, taking a wellness class like yoga, doing facials either by yourself or with friend/family member, so many options for this. Take at least one day a week, set aside time to make it your own, you are so worth it – others around you benefit from you taking care of yourself.

I have one last bit of advice on self-love, be kind to yourself. Being kind to yourself helps keep both mind and body strong and healthy which is what we all need. Thinking of happy thoughts help and a habit you should develop. I like to tell myself something wonderful about myself every day as well as making myself laugh – try to do this at least once a day.


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