Importance of healthy relationship with yourself

The most important and longest relationship you will have in your life is with yourself. We probably all know this but do not think about it in this way. The relationship you have with yourself is crucial to your own wellbeing. Being kind to yourself regularly is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Whether you realise it or not, the relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. The way we think, act, communicate, listen, love and so on. So having a healthy relationship with yourself is part of creating healthy and happy relationships with others. If you want to work on your relations, start working on yourself.

Life is a journey, a process. You will have many stages in your life, changing with each stage. Now you may not be able to control some changes but you can control how you change. And you may not like every change/stage of your life and that is ok. Remember you can make additional changes to yourself , do not be so unhappy with your life and yourself that you miss out on life. There will be times you have to decide, and say ‘I am enough, happy enough with who I am and where I am’. And this is ok as long as you continue to improve on what you are not happy with yourself.

Here are six tips to help you create a healthy relationship with yourself.

1. Recognize negative self-talk. Everyone has a voice inside their head that guides their decisions.

2. Get to know yourself.

3. Practice gratitude for your physical self.

4. Show compassion and patience.

5. Stop judging others.

6. Spend some time alone.

Although it may take some time and effort, it’s crucial to create a healthy relationship with yourself if you want to lead a healthy, happy life. These are tips you need to practice every day and make good habits for yourself. Another thing to remember, no one is coming to ‘save’ you or ‘make’ you happy. You are in control of your own happiness.


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