January Recipes - New Beginnings

January is finally here, we have all been wating for 2021. Many of us make new years resolutions every year, not sure if this year’s resolutions will be the same as past years, given 2020. At Destination Wellness, we want to help you start out the new year for New Beginnings. We will be promoting this theme in January as well we throughout the year.

Instead of the normal comfort food you make in January, try something new. A new year is for new beginnings, and we like to start the year with new recipes. At DW, we understand how difficult it can be to try new things, especially new recipes and foods. We have compiled delicious recipes from Ethiopia, Korea, Lebanon, and Venezuela.

I am sure you are asking, why these countries. Well, why not these countries. Most of you have some knowledge of food for some of these countries but probably have never ventured to make yourself. We hope this provides inspiration for you to try now.

I’ll be posting a blog for each of the countries. In the meantime, here is a link to our Pinterest page. https://pin.it/4NsrLDK

Happy cooking,


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