Juice for Digestive Aid

I, like many folks, have digestive issues, diagnosed with an ulcer at the age of 16 and dealt with controlling stomach issues by my diet. This recipe caught my attention and of course, I did my research, here is what I found.

If you frequently encounter indigestion, try drinking this juice 30 minutes before your meal. Drink regularly to see an improvement to your digestion … and remember to CHEW your food thoroughly!

Do NOT drink juices (or water) during meals as the juice alkalinity may interfere with and dilute the digestive enzymes (acidic) that are secreted for digestion.

This all sounds beneficial to me so I gave it a try. This recipe is delicious and will be added to my rotation, which appears to be expanding. Definitely give this one a try!


2 carrots

2 green apples

½ cucumber

1 rib Celery

½-inch of Ginger

In no particular order, press all ingredients through your juicer. Drink and enjoy!

Keep on juicing,


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