Kate Netinho, new Wellness Director

Destination Wellness is very happy to announce Kate Netinho as our Wellness Director!

In this role, Kate will be responsible for our wellness platform as well as teaching some of the yoga classes.

Kate has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. What started as a physical workout quickly became a holistic practice providing mental strength, stress relief, and overall wellness. She started teaching so that others might enjoy the benefits yoga offers. Kate teaches an upbeat and physically challenging class, encouraging students to deepen their practice by getting out of their comfort zone and being playful.

In her addition to her yoga practice, Kate is an overall fitness buff. She regularly does pilates, barre, cardio and other training to maintain balanced physical fitness.

'I'm really excited to join the Destination Wellness team! We already have a couple of great teachers on board and I'll continue to grow our class offerings. My ambition is to offer an affordable, full-service, online platform that includes yoga, barre, pilates and more!' Kate Netinho.

Welcome to the team, Kate!

Brenda & Stephanie

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