Keep Moving Forward

As we all prepare for changes due to coronavirus, it is important that we remind ourselves to keep on moving forward.

In the past year, the overwhelming events of coronavirus have turned our lives upside down. You may have lost a family member or a friend, lost a job, or experienced the lost of everyday routines and structures that are fundamental to our way of being.

Adapting to change bring opportunity as well as loss, and a key message we can take from the last 12 months is that we need to adapt in order to grow, and that keeps us moving forward.

Learning to live with uncertainty at this time can help you to manage challenge aspects of the pandemic. If you need support or are struggling with change, please get in touch. Coaching and psychological therapy can teach you the skills you need to keep moving forwards. If you are not able to reach out to a professional, at least reach out to your network, we all need support during these ever-trying times.

Dr. Sarah Williams

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