Korean Cuisine – New Beginnings

January 2021 is all about new beginnings for the new year. Part of DW new beginnings is trying new food and recipes. We have chosen four countries for January; Ethiopia, Korea, Lebanon, and Venezuela.

I am sure most of us have had some sort of Korean food sometime in our life, even if westernized. I am also fairly sure majority of you have not tried to make Korean food yourself though, I will admit I have not. Well, it is a new year, new beginnings, new adventures so let’s include new recipes.

We did some research for us all to better understand the origins of Korean Cuisine. We will be making some of these dishes throughout the month and we hope you are adventurous enough to also try out some of these recipes

Korean cuisine is the customary cooking traditions and practices of the culinary art of Korea, of course. Korean cuisine has evolved through centuries of social and political change. Originating from ancient agricultural and nomadic traditionsin Korea and southern Manchuria, Korean cuisine has evolved through a complex interaction of the natural environment and different cultural trends.

Korean cuisine is largely based on rice, vegetables, and(at least in the South) meats. Traditional Korean meals are named for the number of side dishes (banchan) that accompany steam-cooked short-grain rice. Kimchi is served at nearly every meal. Commonly used ingredients include sesame oil, doenjang (fermented bean paste), soy sauce, salt, garlic, ginger, gochutgaru (pepper flakes), gochujang (fermented red chili paste) and napa cabbage.

Ingredients and dishes vary by province. Many regional dishes have become national, and dishes that were once regional have proliferated in different variations across the country. Korean royal court cuisine once brought all the unique regional specialties together for the royal family. Foods are regulated by Korean cultural etiquette.

There is so much history to Korean cuisine, which is remarkably interesting. To find out more, check out Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_cuisine

Be adventures, happy cooking…. And eating!


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