Lessons Learned from 2021 & How to Reset for 2022

2021 is finally coming to an end. It’s a sigh of relief, especially with the many challenges that each of us have faced. While those challenges may not go away immediately, we now have an opportunity to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned so that we can make the biggest comeback ever for the new year. It’s time to hit RESET on our nutrition, habits, diet, lifestyle, and priorities. Here’s what we’ve learned from these past 2 years. Health is a top priority

There aren’t too many things that are more important than taking care of our health. Whether it is supporting the immune system, getting the nutrition the body needs, or staying physically active, the best thing we can do for ourselves is take care of bodies and minds.

Relationships are valuable

It’s safe to say we’ve all realized how much we take our friends and family for granted, especially ones we haven’t been able to see. These past 2 years have taught us to invest in the people around us and help each other out. Take initiative to reach out to friends and family, even if it’s a simple text message.

Appreciate the little things

With all of the different challenges from this year, we’ve learned the importance of gratitude. How much we appreciate the things that we have, even the little ones, directly affects our mood and outlook on life.

Improvise and adapt

There have been lots of changes to our regular routine, & 2021 has taught us to get creative in figuring out how to keep things going. Whether it was learning how to work from home, finding the best work-life balance, or learning to be patient with our family, this year has made us more resilient and flexible.

Improve your healthy habits

There are many things you can do to improve your day-to-day routine such as healthier habits like regular exercise & get more sleep. Your 2022 reset is a daily journey you can rework the way you want.

Do a full detox

The new year is a good time to completely reset your system with a 7-Day Healthy Cleanse. A cleanse can help improve focus & energy, enhance sleep quality, reduce cravings & support healthy digestion.

Adopt a daily nutrition routine

Start every day by getting nutrients your body needs. Try a Meology™ personalized supplement plan to get nutrition that matches your unique needs. You can swap out breakfast with a healthy Life Shake™ to get protein, fiber, vitamins & minerals.

Shed the weight of 2020 & 2021

Whether your goal is to achieve a healthy weight or to get in better shape, a good time to start eating better & being more active. A great way to get started is with the Shaklee 180 Turnaround® Kit, a customizable two-meals-a-day kit with everything you need for 4 weeks.

Kelly Gosse

Wellness Coach

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