Let's go to the market and the supermarket!

Whenever I visit a different country, I love to visit markets and supermarkets. I find supermarkets rather fascinating because based on what is on their shelves, one can see what people like to eat as there are more varieties of this or that item.

Going to the supermarket in Mérida, Mexico, one will definitely notice that they have a love for potato chips with a preference for the spicy kind. They also have a tremendous amount of choices when it comes to juices, both the healthy and totally unhealthy kinds. What is really cool too is that you will notice items that you would at home but with totally different and new flavors. Some of them, very unexpected! As would be expected in Mexico, everything comes with chile.

The bread section is large, and the choices in tortillas are quite impressive.

I find the yogurt section very interesting too. I bought yogurt with coconut and pecans. Delicious. The produce section obviously has different vegetables and fruits as local availability impacts what is for purchase. There is a tremendous amount of tropical fruits as expected in a place like Mérida.

There are so many little markets throughout Mexico and Mérida is no different. The main market in the city is the Mercado Lucas de Gálvez, located a very few blocks from the zócalo, the main square.

Around 1884, it was a simple shed roof of corrugated iron sheets. It had three galleries, surrounded by simple arches and a railing. On September 16, 1887 it was given the name of “Mercado de Galvez”. It was later demolished to build another market place with a larger tin roof that was opened in 1909. However this market was also demolished in 1948. After that, it became the current market that we can still see today (en-yucstan.com).

This place is huge and is home to everything from shoes to vegetables to bunnies to tin ware to flower vendors. The amount of colors, flavors and noise is incredible. You will see fruits and vegetables you have never seen before. Buy a few and try them, I recommend asking the vendor the best way to prepare and eat them. You well also find handmade clothing and hammocks, blankets and of course, standard tourist trinkets abound.

After a visit to the market, check out the Museum of the city, located right outside (northwest entrance/exit). This is one of the museums open during the pandemic.

What is your favorite market, at home our abroad? Share with us in comments!

Armelle Fee

Travel Expert

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