Living the best version of yourself

As you learn more about yourself, you realize there are different versions of yourself. Yes, a strange concept at first but then it makes sense when you think about it. As I like to call them, the many Stephanies in my head. I have many versions of myself, here are just a few to give you an example – daughter, sister, friend, aunt, cousin, adventurous, adult, little girl, girlfriend, work, etc., list continues.

So how do we manage these different concepts of ourselves that we carry around within us? When in conflict, is it better to keep them separate or should you rally them to be onboard with everything? How can you be more open, allow them to be themselves and co-exist at the same time.?

Some days, all of my Stephanies are working together while some days, half of them don’t want to behave or just don’t want to do anything. I had a good friend, Kristi (she passed away a few months ago of Covid), that we would talk about how our inner selves were acting out some days. She would say that little Kristi just wanted to lie down on the floor, trying to get the rest of her Kristi’s to join her, the rest would have to rally little Kristi to get up and with the game plan. I feel that way sometimes, especially during the pandemic.

As we grow and develop in general, so do different versions of us. Sometimes we leave behind parts of our own self as we develop new ones which is great, we should all continue to grow, not matter what age we are. Keeping all of our versions working in unison can be a challenge, however, you should work to have them in unison, work better together, understand each other and respect each other as well as learn from each other.

Living the best versions of yourself should be your goal so constantly evolving is part of this process. Each new version of ourselves should be a better version than the last, allow you to live the best version of yourself which will inspire others to live their best versions of themselves.


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