Lunch jog

I went on a short jog, 40 minutes vs my normal 55-60, today during lunch or rather that's what google fit called it. I was prepared mentally for my run today, the cold weather was definitely a factor as it was 2 minus freezing. I put on my cold weather gear and got out the door.

One of my motivations today was leftovers from Thanksgiving. I was sharing texts with my brothers earlier this week about how dangerous Thanksgiving leftovers are. I was sitting on my couch the other night, watching one of the Hallmark Christmas shows, when I hear the cornbread dressing in the frig call me name, seriously, I actually heard 'Stephanie... I'm just sitting here all alone in the frig...'. So of course I had to answer my calling. My brothers agreed they also hear that calling from theirs

. Well, since I did eat leftovers through Wednesday (celebrated Thanksgiving in Sweden on Saturday) so I knew I had to get out the door just to run off that wonderful food.

Today I made progress in my running, I ran much more than walking today. Now this may not seem like a big deal but every baby step counts and I am counting this as a huge baby step in the right direction. I am pretty proud of myself.

Find what motivates you, keeps you out the door and keeps you going. Motivation is different for everyone as is your regime.

Until next run,


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