Making your own workout regime

Well, I was able to get up this morning and move my arms and my legs. Last evening virtual Barre with Amy Holly was amazing and a fantastic workout. I got my butt out the door for a run today, dreary outside but no snow or rain, snowed a bit Sunday night, and wasn't below zero so I can't complain.

As I was running I started thinking about some pins on Pinterest on tips to wake up and be a morning runner, I smile to myself as I'm jogging around 2 pm my time. The only time I've ever gotten up early to run is for a race I signed up and paid for. In the US, races are always scheduled early, like 7 am. In Sweden, the races are in the afternoon, except for the midnight one I did about 3 years ago. I can read those articles all day long and am never going to be a morning runner on a normal basis, no matter what tips they provide.

My point of all is this is that it doesn't matter when or where you exercise as long as you do it, like Nike says. I started my new running journey recently with all of you, running every 3 to 4 days, doing other exercises in between my running. I still don't run the entire run, I walk/run and am working myself up to running more than I currently am. Of course I wish I was running the entire distance but you know what, it's ok that I'm not yet. I am out there, doing my thing and doing it my way, feeling good about it too. You do the same, you do you and what works best for you, don't compare yourself to anyone else.

Today on my run, I passed the gal statue that was wearing a sweater and hat last week. Today, she only had on a red scarf, it was a couple of degrees warmer today.

Happy exercising, until next time,


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