March Madness Wellness Classes

'March Madness' starts in less than a week and you definitely want to join in on this Madness.

DW is incentivizing for you to attend as many wellness in March. With our current offering of 20 classes every week, you lots options and opportunity. Our classes include yoga, pilates, barre, and at different levels.

For March Madness, DW is offering unlimited classes for an entire month, 30 days from time of purchase, for $70 (price of 5 class pack). This is not only a deal, it is Madness!

DW is also offering a bonus for anyone who attends a minimum of 15 classes or more with this deal, you will receive the prize of a 5 class pack for April. More Madness!

Join in the March Madness, this deal is not only madness it is for your health and wellness along with helping you get through the March blues.

See you all in our March classes!

Destination Wellness Team

Purchasing notes:

- We created a class package called 'March Madness', good for all wellness classes the entire month of March.

- You must subscribe to Destination Wellness if you are not already a subscriber.

- You may purchase this plan under Member Plans or purchase when booking your first wellness class for March.

- No discount for VIP Members.

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