Mindfullness, for on the go

Many of us don't have much time to ourselves these days, especially those who are in lockdown with family. Here are some tips for these times and when you're on the go but need to practice mindfulness.

  1. Focus on your breath, take just a few minutes a day to do this. Focus your full attention on air entering your nose, filling your lungs and flowing out again. Relish each sensation.

  2. Take control and unclench. Take a moment to identify where you are feeling the tension in your body. Visit it fully and send a little kindness if you can.

  3. Let space inspire you. Take a quiet conscious moment to shift your focus from the tangled things around you to the space existing peacefully between them.

  4. Realign your internal Axis. Mentally rearrange your body awareness so that, rather than being fixed horizontally (on 'then' and 'when') you can enjoy the feeling of being vertical (right here, right now) Imagine your axis moving now.

  5. Find the hum. Locate the subtle humming sensation deep in your body. Often people feel it in their feet or hands most easily at first: a pleasant buzz of 'aliveness'.

Focus on that feeling and savour the deliciousness as it spreads. These are easy to manage every day, even multiple times a day to help you through each day.

Destination Wellness Team

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