Mindfulness Mondays - Positive Mornings

How you start each day, sets the tone for the entire day. Starting your day positive not only affects you, affects everyone around you. Everyone has their morning ritual which is hard to break. However, changing to a positive habit is worth considering and will impact you, your family, friends and colleagues.

If you look, you can find many suggestions on how to start your day better. I have done the work for you, did a bunch of research and found the most common suggestions on changing your weekday morning routine.

  1. Start each day with anticipation of a wonderful day

  2. Wake up a little early in the morning

  3. Breakfast is an important meal

  4. Gratitude and count your blessings

  5. How can I make today better than yesterday

  6. Focus on breathing

  7. Stay off social media

  8. Go on a morning run

  9. Sing while in the shower

  10. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea

  11. Make your bed

  12. Morning stretching

  13. Plan some fun – virtual coffee breaks

  14. Listen to favorite music

  15. Read something positive

  16. Laugh, it is contagious

I could list so many more. You have to decide what will make the beginning of your day better. You may already be doing some of these things, like I make my bed every day and usually sing in the shower, but I do not go on morning runs and do not plan on adding that to my morning routine. However, I am going to focus on staying off social media as soon as I wake up, very bad habit I have developed.

I highly suggest reviewing this list as well as others to find at least a couple of changes to your weekday morning routine, you might be surprised how small changes make a big difference. Positive thinking is very beneficial as it can help us to achieve more throughout our days.

Stay positive out there, be the reason someone smiles today.


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