Mom kitchen hacks...

I am ALWAYS trying to make sure that at least 50% of my kids' diet is plant based. They fight me on this daily. My youngest "doesn't eat salad" of any sort, My middle child at the age of 20 is still trying to convince me that "the carnivore diet" is a healthy thing and god bless my oldest, who is as into the DW way of eating as all of us at DW.

So... what's a MUM TO DO??" The one thing everyone in this house will eat is broccoli. So we eat a TON of broccoli. Probably 3-4 heads a week easy (I can also get everyone to eat green beans). I always hated all the waste since everyone only eats the florets and a while ago I started hucking the stalks back in the produce drawer of my fridge.

Every so often, when I have 8-10 of them, I grate them up in the food processor with a fair amount of grated carrot and a couple white onions. I then bag the whole mix into quart bags and freeze it.

I use this for SO MANY THINGS! First off, I hide it in everything I can that I make for my kids. Turkey mince (ground turkey) meatloaf for example, Turkey mince meatballs, for the "rice" instead of rice in fried rice, vegan taco meat, you name it, I've done it. If using Turkey mince (we try not to consume red meat at all in this house - but I don't tell them that either!) I simply use half turkey and half grated veg. No bread crumbs, but still the egg and the regular seasoning. My kids either have never noticed or.... they like it and just didn't comment.

Either way I DON'T CARE! They are getting their veg on!!

BTW - I wrote this while munching on the rainbow halloumi salad from "what's for dinner" this week at lunchtime. Super Fab Salad and SO PRETTY!!

~ Brenda

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