Myths About Vegan Food

If you lead a vegan lifestyle or if you want to adopt it, surely, on more than one occasion, you have met people who want to convince you that veganism "is a mistake".

Let's break down together the most common myths about veganism!

Stop eating meat makes you less strong

False, a properly planned vegan diet provides all the necessary vitamins, nutrients, minerals and amino acids, except vitamin B12 (a B12 supplement may be necessary).

Preparing a vegan diet takes longer or more complicated

False, preparing a vegan diet is not complicated. Just like non-vegan meals, recipes can be simple and easy. Look for simple recipes to prepare with easily available products, organize a weekly or biweekly calendar, then make a list of the products that you will need in total.

A vegan diet is boring

False, vegan food opens up a whole new world of fascinating possibilities to discover! You will find dishes that will surprise you with their flavor and texture.

Leading a healthier lifestyle is not as complicated as you think. If you are skeptical, start with a few meals or days of the week for vegan. You will be pleasantly surprised how delicious and easy vegan meals are.

Wednesday is all about wellness with vegan meals, Brenda makes this part of her weekly menu. DW makes it easy for you, we provide many vegan recipes on Pinterest, fantastic recipes that are vegan.

Join our community and discover everything we have to offer!

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