New Adventures for New Beginnings

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Notice the theme this month and year is not just New Beginnings, it is also about New Adventures and being adventerous. We will continue this theme throughout the year as live is about New Beginnings which always includes New Adventures.

Today I did something I never thought I would do, I ran in wet snow, was actually falling on my face (not a happy face when it was happening). Granted it was lightly snowing, I never thought I would do even attempt to run in bad weather. I was raised in the south and lived a large part of my adult life in Southern California. So, running in any type of snow or rain much less in -2 ºC / 28 ºF is something I did not even given a thought to do. A new adventure for me, I will be doing it again, felt good to show my dedication and that I could do it, definitely a new adventure for me.

While I was running, I received a text from my boyfriend’s daughter, Linnea Johnsson, who lives in Stockholm. She was swimming and not in an enclosed swimming pool, she was swimming in the Baltic Sea. Yes, Linnea was swimming in the Baltic Sea in January where the temperature is about 5 ºC / 41 ºF and this is the surface temperature. This is not uncommon in the Nordics, although not all Swedes do this, I know many that do partake. I am not sure if this was Linnea's first time, doubt it but this is definitely an adventure for sure, at least for this non-Swede. Linnea plans on doing again on Thursday. Maybe one day I will join her but no promises today.

After my run, I was starting to write this blog, when my nephew Tyler and his son James Jaxon, who live in Texas, video called me. James is in first grade and is challenged in learning to read and write. According to his Dad, the challenge has more to do with his confidence than his actual skills. We talked for a bit, encouraged him to step out of his comfort zone, telling him it is ok to stumble sometimes, that happens however more important is to pick yourself up when you do and keep trying. James took in what we said, was going to get another book to read. New adventure for James Jaxon and am sure he is going to be a great reader very soon.

My point in these stories is to share adventures of folks, whether big or small, all adventures are important. Adventures are part of life so try not to be afraid to try new things and leave your comfort zone. Once you try something new, you realize it was not as scary as you thought and who knows where every adventure can take you. Remember that new beginnings and adventures do not have to be huge to make a difference in your life.

Be adventurous,


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