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We haven't talked much yet about skincare within Destination Wellness. It's been on my mind for weeks, and I've needed to address it, I suppose we've just been so busy with launching the other bits, holidays and starting the New Year that until now, I haven't gotten it done.

Now, with a New Year and New beginnings it is a GREAT time to start thinking and talking about it.

All of us at Destination Wellness use a product called Tropic Skincare. I'll be releasing bits about Tropic over the next few weeks to help introduce you to the Company, the Ethos and the results, which are nothing short of Amazing!!

I personally was introduced to Tropic in 2016, the UK beauty brand which has a fully sustainable ethos is not only a good fit for me and my beliefs, but additionally, as a devoted skincare aficionado, I couldn't believe the results. For the first time in my life I felt like I had found an affordable, all natural, product line that delivered HUGE results. To me, this meant, I would never have to think about chemical peels, botox or any of the other treatments used to attain youthful, healthy glowing skin that are harmful to us poetntially long term, the environment and animals.


also something I felt strongly about.

Stay tuned for more snippets regarding Tropic skincare. Anyone can access the shop via the DW website and VIP members receive special attention and offers.

Tropic also often offers promos and for January the Let's Get Glowing promo is fabulous for a mid-winter pick me up. All Tropic quoted promo values are in GBP however Destination Wellness will convert to USD for you! The Get Glowing promo is FREE with approximately $150 USD in other product.

Shop Here:

or; reach out to discuss the line with me further.

From 5th - 31st January 2021, when you spend £100 or more on any Tropic favorites in a single order, you’ll receive a limited edition Let's Get Glowing Mini Complexion Kit for FREE. The free Glow Magazine offer (valid on all £60+ spends in a single order) will also be running alongside this offer to boot!

This exclusive set of minis is sure to bring the radiance back into post-festive season faces with a carefully curated selection of glow-giving Tropic treats!


What’s in the kit?

O Sun Drops (6ml)

O Elixir (6ml)

O Glow Berry (6ml)

O Fruit Peel (6ml)

O Rainforest Dew (6ml)

Offer valid 9am 05/01/21 - 11.59pm 31/01/21 on all single orders of £100+, While stocks last.

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