New Beginnings with Adventures

New Beginnings continue in 2021 and while trying to stay as easy and relaxed as possible (necessary more than ever with the additional home-schooling responsibilities), we are again going to prep a load of storable, tapas type dishes to mix and match during the week. Sunday we are prepping all day then enjoying Tropic facials at home in the afternoon and James’ Sunday Slowdown Yoga Flow class. If you want to join into this fabulous class on Sunday, 6PM UK time, you can book that here:

Don't forget the yoga fundamentals class on 27 January that Kate is teaching, you can register here: and with this, we still need to focus on our nutrition. For anyone that is interested in adding fabulous supplements to their diet, we offer a range of Shaklee vitamins, which are simply amazing. Kelly Gosse, our wellness coach is always happy to chat and all the Shaklee essentials are available in our VIP shop, at a 10% discount for DW VIP members.



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