New beginnings with yoga

January has become synonymous with new beginnings. For many of us, we do this with New Years' resolutions - intentions to stop doing things that don't serve us and/or start doing things that will be good for us - that often involves exercise or weight loss goals after the weeks-long indulgence we call the holidays. Sound familiar???

If so, can I humbly suggest trying yoga?

I know I'm biased, and that this will sound dramatic, but it has changed my life. What started as a physical workout for me over 15 years ago quickly became a holistic practice providing me mental strength, stress relief, and overall wellness. AND I'm in the best shape of my life - strong, toned, and (relatively) flexible!

My first yoga class ever was at my local gym at the time. There was no beginners course option then but I'd been wanting to try it so I just threw myself in. I was fortunate to have a dance background so it came naturally for me. (It probably also helped that it was in a gym, versus yoga studio, so not everyone was hardcore yogis!) Despite it being somewhat intuitive for me, it did take time to build my knowledge and confidence in my practice.

I get it, yoga can be intimidating! Putting your body in unnatural positions with weird, foreign names - why do we do that to ourselves? I'm still intimidated by certain poses (the ones I can't do) and I know there are some I will never be able to do because of my physiology. But it is not about what you are able or unable to do, it is about the journey. Our yoga practice is a life-long journey that tests our physical and mental capacity and will evolve over time. It's that testing and self-learning that makes it so rewarding.

For those of you who'll be embarking on your yoga journey in 2021, I hope you join me in 'Yoga for Beginners'. This will be a six week introduction to yoga. Each class will be a virtual, one-hour, workshop-style session guiding you through the foundations and postures. My intention is to create a safe space, a community, to help you feel confident in your body and practice.

If you're interested in joining for Yoga for Beginners you can learn more here.


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