Noncomplimentary behavior

I was listening to a podcast last week about uncomplimentary behavior which can lead to changing the script, your script. Noncomplementary behavior means doing the unexpected. For example, when someone act with hostility and you respond warmly, that is unexpected. Our natural reaction is to react the way others are acting, hostility usually receives hostile reactions. Why not shake things up, change expected behavior.

By changing your behavior and reactions to others, you change engagements, discussions, and more. You cannot control how others act but you can control how you act and react. In a world where hostility is becoming more normal, change your script, how you react. Think about it, why are you getting upset just because the person you are talking to is upset? We all have bad days but that does not it ok to act out to others. However, this happens all the time, we all do it. However, we have the power to change our bad patterns.

When you change your reaction to hostility, you change the entire situation. When you respond with kindness, not only do you benefit but the other person benefits – you reacted unexpectedly and maybe that is just what this person needed, they may be having a bad day.

This is similar to ‘pay it forward’ which is to pass on a person's kindness to oneself to someone else.

Noncomplimentary behavior can be for small everyday engagements and for major life changes. This behavior is an unnatural reaction and it’s a proven way to shake up the dynamic and produce a different outcome from the usual one.

I challenge you to the Kindness Game, being kind to someone for no reason other than to be kind. Be randomly kind to at least one person a day for 7 straight days. And remember, Kindness is always the best behavior!


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