On Wednesday we eat Vegan - Rustic Roasted Winter Vegetable Chowder

We always eat Vegan on Wednesday and with February being clean comfort food month, this chowder hits the spot. When we started planning this month, the question came up, what is comfort food. If you ask someone to define comfort food, it is different answer for different people. When I asked my Swedish boyfriend, he said vegetable, warm food. This translated to of course, some sort of stew with root vegetables. Root vegetables are very popular to eat in Sweden.

In fact, there is a root vegetable in Sweden called Swede. Yes, it is actually called Swede. I first found out about this vegetable from my Swedish language teach when we went grocery shopping. I asked her the English translation for it, she did not know as most English-speaking folks in Sweden all it Swede. This led me to do some research, found it is a rutabaga, something I have never heard of.

Here is a history lesson for you. Swede or rutabaga belongs to the same family as turnips and cabbages. They are a hybrid between a turnip and a type of cabbage and were developed in Sweden in the 17th century and are also known as Swedish turnips or rutabaga - Swedish for red bags, which refers to the purple, bronze crowns.

So back to comfort food February. I went on the search for a root vegetable stew, healthy of course. I found this Rustic Roasted Winter Vegetable Chowder. This chowder is easy, versatile, hearty, and very tasty. You can switch out vegetables as you like, make it vegan, dairy-free, however you like or what you have on hand.

This chowder was very thick, thicker than I like so I added additional vegetable broth and almond milk. There is more than enough to freeze and have on a snowy or rainy day. Deinitely a chowder worth make, your family will love it!

All Destination Wellness recipes are on Pinterest, here is the recipe for chowder, https://pin.it/7t7vAOR


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